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Merchant Services

  • Zeffi can provide you with Uniform Programs from head to toe:

Our expertise can help you choose the products you would determine to have in your Uniform Program. Zeffi will present choices of items for your selection to evaluate fabric, design and colors. Zeffi workswith a large range of reputable manufactures and can provide your Program with a variety of products from head-to-toe.
  • Our system can track employees's allowances:

Our ordering system allows  tracking of allowances for personal up to the amount pre-established by the Agency. If our E-commerce ordering system is chosen for your Program, employees can order only up to their allowance limit, and if desired can purchase above that amount using their own credit card information. The government is billed only for the allowance amount. At no additional charge, we will package each of your employees uniforms in separate bags clearly labeled with your employees name for easy distribution.
  • We have user-friendly ecommerce for established clients can place orders after their accounts are established.

For our corporate and government  customers we offer the On-line Ordering system (OOR). Our system allows simple  use of the shopping cart-style ordering capabilities. The employee can track the order also view his ordering history. 
  • *We do in-house all the embroider and other customization:

We can provide you with a wide range of garments tailored to your needs, with or without custom embroidery.

                  Call our customer service department to discuss your particular needs.